Onward to our

Surreal Sea...

Nov 9th, 2019

Surreal Sea 2018

Media courtesy of Jon Scotty and The Zella Company. 

For one night only, come get lost with us!

Rising from the depths of monster-filled seas, this
Surreal island will lure you into our wild and mysterious
celebration of Neon, Illumination, and Imagination.  

Take a dangerous detour into a smoldering volcano or swim
amongst the glowing creatures of the mystical waters.
Dance to the trance of Tiki sounds, get a tarot
reading from a bewitching mermaid, or watch the mesmerizing movements of the fire dancers! 
It’ll be a night you’ll never forget…

When: November 9, 2019, 5PM – Midnight

Where: Ion Art (407 Radam Ln., Austin, TX)

Why: Because, Neon…

A BIG thank you to all our sponsors and partners
for their contributions. We wouldn’t be able to bring you 
Surreal Sea without their gracious involvement.