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Nov 9th, 2019

Surreal Sea 2018

Media courtesy of Jon Scotty and The Zella Company. 

Many moons ago, in a moment of inspired insanity, Ion Art decided to celebrate neon with an illuminated party like no other outside Vegas. In 2017, we partnered up with Art Seen Alliance and this led to the birth of our Surreal event. Our first event, the Surreal Jungle, came at us with lightning speed. We worked like ants and filled the lot with neon scenes. We thought "Invite friends! Invite family! Invite clients! Why, I bet we could get 700 people to attend!" When the night came with all the lights on, DJ Mixer Rogers set up, and the cocktails chilling to the roar of food trucks, we looked up and there were 2,500 people there. A quarter of them in costumes... forest goddesses, deer men, druid, winged creatures, aliens, freak flags were flown. The party was so social, positive, and fun that we decided to make it an annual event.

Last year, we cranked it up a few notches on our creativity tanks, changed the theme, and told literally everyone we made eye contact with - Surreal Sea 2018 was going to be a neon dream. With a busier-than-usual workload in the shop, we somehow magically managed to pull the event together. There were larger-than-life sea monsters, bicycle-powered krakens, mermaids, and lots and lots of ocean life. People danced in shark cages, grown men nearly died laughing on a phallic jellyfish merry-go-round, and the left shark from Katy Perry’s Superbowl half-time show made an appearance.

Both of our past events were a HIT and this year the premise is the same: Saturday, November 9th, at 5 PM. A night to celebrate the glow and hum of neon. By popular demand, we’re upcycling last year’s theme, the Surreal Sea. But don’t you worry, we’ll have plenty of new sights for you to experience. Costumes are welcomed and encouraged!