Blake Calfin



Nickname: In the sign industry, as I spend most of my days working with vinyl, the name that seems to have stuck is “stickers”, no pun intended
Three favorite things in life: Having spent a long time working as a cook and a Chef in some amazing restaurants, good food brings me immense joy. In addition to a passion for good food, good music and good company are also necessities. I am a huge music nerd and I love classic hip hip, 70’s funk and soul, and electronica. And life wouldn’t be complete without my friends and family who I try to remain close to despite the difficulties of COVID.

Favorite Radio Station(s): It seems my car radio constantly stays tuned to KUT 90.5 and NPR these days. With everything going on in the world, I find their national coverage fair and balanced and appreciate the attention the always pay to local and statewide interests.

Favorite Movies: I am a huge fan of the work of Stanley Kubric. In my humble opinion, I think Dr. Strangelove is my favorite and probably his most underrated film as the dark satire of this movie is always relevant. Other favorite are Full Metal Jacket and 2001 A Space Odyssey

Alternative Dream Job: One of my long term dreams is perhaps one day when I’m older and closer to retirement to open a food truck and go park it on a beach somewhere and live the boho beach bum life.