From start to finish, we create our sculptures in-house, to assure quality design and flawless fabrication. Each project is unique to our client's wants and needs.

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While our range of work has increased dramatically, creating art is our driving passion. Our team is made up of talented and creative individuals who transform complex ideas into aesthetic masterpieces. We specialize in various mediums and styles; from minimalist neon pieces to giant steel sculptures.

Wall Mounted Pieces

Clown Fish
Manta Ray
Pirate Flag
Tiki Infinity Mask
Hammerhead Shark
Neon Christmas Tree
Sea Dragon
Atomic Moon
Stained-glass windows
Austin Neon
Black Mamba
Banana Man
The Hand
Neon in the Nude
The Alien
Mythical Bird
Blue Moon
Bird Head
Lotus Flowers
The Jungle Lounge
Sea Shell
Monkey With Umbrella
The Ape
Palm Tree
Dali Clock
Diving Helmet
Shark (Large)
Shark (School)
Puffer Fish
Yellow Sub-Sardine
Mermaid La Belle Texanne Sans Merci
Sophia At The Beach
Salvador the Elephant
Tiki Dude
Lion in Venice
Tango Dancer
The Indian Elephant
Boar Fest
Sconce #2
Toad Hall
Cow Head

Free Standing Works

Typography Neon "M"
Bird In Cage
Tiki Hut
Crab Musicians
Surreal Sign
Walking Fish
Tiki Bar - Aloha Room
3D Moai Head
Tiki Totem
Clam Shell
Sea Dragon
Orange Sea Foliage
Jellyfish Lady
Animated Hula Girl
Easter Island Heads
Lily Pads
Neon Bench
Longhorn Sleigh (Domain)
Domain Willie Nelson
Domain Santa
Armadillo Snowman
Mermaid On Ice
Sea Horse
Fish Hook
Go-Go Cages
Mannequin With Swirl
Treasure Chest
Stalactites and Stalagmites
Skeleton Fish
Pyramid and All Seeing Eye
Whale Tail
Sunken Mayan Head
Wine Bottle
Skyy Vodka
Fishman Head
Whale Spout
Fish Man Sculpture
Sea Monkey Queen
Druss Neon
Waving White
Blue Question
Bamboo with Dragonflies
Sea Monster
Austin Skyline
Red Velvet Jackalope
Domain Flamingos

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