What we do

Ion Art Inc. was founded by husband and wife team Greg and Sharon Keshishian in 1986, with the intent of creating and selling neon art. However, over time it has grown into something far greater than that. While our scope of work has increased dramatically, we feel that our original intent is still our backbone; creating art. Ion Art, Inc. is comprised of a team of talented individuals who take great pride in their work. Each of our employees share in their passion for being creative, and we feel that is what sets us apart from other companies. Ion Art  is a “design-build” shop, which means that we employ a wide range of skill sets and personalities, all of whom share the same goals and drive to work as a team. Greg and Sharon maintain their own high level of expertise in glass and metal work. Their combined talent, along with the talents of their team, enables Ion Art to produce truly unique neon and custom signage, architectural lighting, and extraordinary environmental solutions.

Since its inception, Ion Art has become an Austin landmark in its own right, expanding into the design and custom fabrication of sculpture, and architectural décor. Having gained over 30 years of experience along with an ever increasing list of high profile clients, we are confident in our ability to tackle every aspect of your project, large or small, and we are always ready for a challenge!

Our Team

Sharon Keshishian

Founder & CEO

Greg Keshishian

Vice President & I.M.O.L.


Kris Wu

Chief Operations Officer

Wes Mendell

Operations Manager

Carrie Wood

Senior Project Manager

Monica Boulton

Senior Project Manager

Thomas Hobbs

Project Manager/ Consultant

Shana Gardner

Operations Administrator

Merrick Bradford

Assistant Project Manager


Jason Ice

Design Supervisor

Corey Robbins


David Boulton



Stoney Gabel

General Manager

Jim Palmer


Mark Ermis

Production Manager

Iggy Lopez

Shop Foreman

Chris Squire

Facilities & Logistics Operator

Tony Piazza


Carlos Menchu

Fabricator & Installation Team

Wilmer Amaya

Lead Fabricator

Junior Portocarrero

ADA Manager

Jason Will

Paint Manager

Eiby Reyes

Field Project Manager

Carlos Gonzales

Installation Manager

Sophia Keshishian

ADA Signage Tech

Blake Clafin

Vinyl Department Manager

Kendal Rodenzo


Henry Miranda


Holden Stoner


Our Clients



What files will you need from me?

Most often we will need: digital artwork (if you already have a design) and building elevations/plans.  If you do not already have a design in place, Ion Art has an in house graphic design department fully equipped to create one for you for an additional fee.  Any pre-designed logos should be supplied in a vector format. 

What is vector art?

If your logo or artwork was designed by a professional graphic designer, you should have received it in one of the following formats: .pdf, .eps, .ai, .svg.  If you don’t have access to any of these, we may be able to rebuild it as vector art for a fee.

Why does Ion Art send an art book for approval?

We will send an artbook with renderings and concepts throughout the design process to ensure that we are on the same page as the client and that we are progressing in the right direction before we begin production of the project.

How long does the design process take?

Because of the nature of custom design, many variables can determine the length of the process.  On average, following our initial meeting with the client, we allow 2 weeks to provide initial concepts.

What if I don't like what you design?

This is all part of the design process, and why we encourage constructive feedback and direction.  No two minds think alike, but as professional designers, our objective is to have the best mind in this situation. 

What is your policy on artwork revisions?

We encourage our clients to give any feedback or direction they see fit.  Without regulating this process however, projects can be delayed significantly and often unnecessarily.  We will allow 3 revisions before additional fees are applied.

How will you include me in the design process?

We will maintain constant and open contact with the client.  As it is your project, we are open to any direction or suggestions.  However, given the complexities of fabrication, most of our clients will rely on our expertise when making the tough decisions.

If I already have a design, will you fabricate it for me?

Absolutely.  We will meet regarding your design, and based on the detail required, we will suggest the most efficient and cost-effective fabrication method.  This will then be sent to our estimator so that a price can be reached.


What is your typical lead time?

Once we’ve completed the design phase of the project, and down payment has been received, on average we allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion.  Lead time varies based on the project type, scope, and scale.

Would you recommend LED's or Neon?

Neon offers a more even glow and an aesthetic that cannot easily be replicated with LED.  However, there are advantages with LED’s. For instance, they are far more energy efficient than traditional neon.  Ultimately it depends on the design aesthetic of your particular project and the desired result.

At what point during the process will I be billed?

In most cases, yes.  Depending on our current priority capacity, you can jump the queue for an additional fee (typically 30%).  This will only mark your project as priority in our fabrication order.  This does not mean that we will rush fabrication of your project, or do anything that may compromise the final result.

Pricing + Estimates

At what point during the process will I be billed?

Our fees and invoices are billed 60% up front.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the custom nature of our business and our projects, we provide detailed renderings and explanations of our design intent.  This ensures that our clients have, and maintain, a firm grasp of every detail involved in the fabrication of their project.  To date, there has not been a circumstance that has required a refund. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, and credit card.  Gold coins preferred.

I can have the same product completed at a lower price with another company. Can you match this price?

We can try to reduce costs for you, the client, but the reality is that it isn’t the same product.  Also, the prices we estimate are usually as low as we can go, given our attention to detail and the standards set for our final products.  We never want to compromise the quality of work Ion Art produces.

Permits + Installation

Do you do out-of-state installations?

Yes.  However, due to the varying restrictions of local sign codes and ordinances, it is sometimes more cost effective and efficient for the client to have Ion Art coordinate with a local sign company to have the install completed. 

Are your signs UL listed?

When required, yes, Ion Art will produce a final product that meets all UL specifications.

Who is in charge of pulling a permit for my sign?

We handle all permitting that is required for a project.  In the event of an out-of-state install in which we may not be licensed to perform the install, we will coordinate with a local sign company and ensure all the proper permits are obtained.


Will I own the rights to the final design and finished product?

Yes.  We will release all intellectual property once payment has been made in full.

What if my piece is damaged in transit?

All of our shipping is carried out by professionals and it is strongly recommended that insurance be purchased for any item shipped.  In the event of a broken or damaged product due to shipping, it is the responsibility of the client to cover costs of replacement.  In our experience it has proven that the shipping of neon tends to be problematic and we advise against it.

Do you provide follow-up service or repair?

Yes.  We offer a one year warranty on all labor and materials for new products, and have an in-house service team that can address issues or troubleshoot problems moving forward.