Wes Mendell

Operations & Accounts Wizard
UT Austin – BA in Theater Arts: Costume Design & Construction

Wes is what happens when you get hired by a small company with 11 employees and then stick around to watch them grow and try to help out where you can.  Nine years later, you’ve done a little bit of everything and suddenly find yourself “experienced”.  She currently has oversight of administrative operations, management of the accounting & HR departments, and handles new sales and client relations.  You don’t get to wear this many hats without being able to say yes to new tasks and challenges: it’s that positive attitude and a dedication to the company (plus the ability to seriously multi-task) that has led to Wes’ success at Ion Art.  Despite all of this, she has a passion for fun and works very hard not to take anything too seriously.  If she’s not here, she’s probably drinking wine, dressing her family up in costumes, nerding out on sci-fi, or planning her next trip to the beach.