Shana Gardner

Operations Administrator

Bachelor of Music from University of Delaware, Certificate of Graphic Design from ACC

Have you seen Pulp Fiction?  Shana is basically “The Wolf” but most of the time without the dead bodies…most of the time.  She provides organizational support to ALL departments, so is essentially a professional Cat Herder, Gatekeeper, Dispatcher, and Chief-Nagging-Officer, and we LOVE her for it.  Shana loves a good challenge and her motto of “I’ll figure it out!” makes her fantastic at her job.  She’s very satisfied about being part of a company that has created many of Austin’s most iconic landmarks. Also, it’s fun to work in a place where it’s okay to occasionally curse in front of your boss!  In her spare time she sings in an acapella group, bakes bread, sews, does the occasional graphic design project, and watches movies with her soul-mate and life-coach Curtis.  If she wasn’t working at Ion Art, she would be a feline language interpreter. Trust us, she knows what your cat is saying!