Mark Westphal

What excites you about what you do: Even when everything is going horribly wrong, making neon is the most terrific thing to do in the world. Neon is one of man’s greatest achievements; it’s the next step up from Fire. If I suddenly showed up in ancient Greece with a piece of glowing neon in my hand (obviously “a night entrance”), I would (rightly) be set on a marble pedestal and worshiped as a God. If I made that same entrance in the Middle Ages, I would immediately be burned screaming at the stake (rightly) as a minister of Hell. In the Modern Age, both of those narratives occur every day, creating what is known as “an interesting work environment.”

What inspires you/what do you have passion for: Exciting design with a decent deadline. Customers who want the best materials. Being part of a connected team. Dancing with my eyes closed, and my hands in the air.

Three adjectives that describe you: Shiny. Brilliant. Delusional.

Name three things you like: Sauce Bearnaise. Gardenias. The Hot Humid Sweat Created By A Loud Throbbing Disco Beat.

If you weren’t working at Ion Art, what would you do? Resume ruling France with a Firm But Benevolent Hand.